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Greentech products are manufactured by the Moletech group, one of the leading nanotechnology & biotechnology application company and respected global supplier of innovative chemicals since 2009.

We believe with our modern technology, we could overcome the side effects of traditional chemicals and brings an easier, cleaner, and healthier experience for our customers and save our one-and-only precious earth by reducing the air pollution and water pollution at the same time. With Greentech, we ensure to bring you a GREENER experience

Products now can be found in more than 18 countries internationally. Let's go GREEN.



Greentech Fuel Enhancing Technology has appointed dealers and distributors in 41 countries and trials occurring in additional 24 countries.

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Together We Can Make a Difference. We welcome you to become our distributor and make a contribution to the air pollution and fuel saving NOW!!

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The ultimate advantage is the Greentech pays itself off in less than 90 days and continue to deliver benefits for over 10 years, giving an incredible return on investment.